Deborah MysticalMomentz, My mum and I got a reading back with you in 2010 I reckon it would have been, you shared things that no one else would know, you gave my mum healing and peace something that she has never been able to find in the 30 years prior to seeing you. You have really stuck in my head and I would love to come see you again soon. Tegz

Thank you very much for meeting with me today, I really needed that communication with not only my wife but members of both families. You are brilliant, beautiful and will be highly recommended throughout Gippsland ………. Ian

Hi, I really want to thank you for seeing for last Tuesday, connecting me to my loved ones on the other side especially my dear cousin, really grateful 🙂

Thank-you very much, very glad I came today🙂
Only myself & my deceased best friend know that nickname, but you were on point with several things & for that I can’t thank-you enough🙂❌ Andrew

Can’t wait for my reading tomorrow Deb! Every time I leave after seeing you, I feel so peaceful, happy & reassured that one day I will be with my beautiful son again. 💖💖 Kim

Thanks Deb for my Reading today xx Yes it was a beautiful moment , to hear that my baby knew I swapped his ashes over to my side in the bedroom ❤❤ he always slept at my Bedside 🤗 and I was talking to his urn , that he was back next to mummy 😘😘😘 Even my girlfriend’s German Shepherd and the tattoo 🤗🤗 Gabby

You are amazing Deborah MysticalMomentz & I can’t wait to see you again next month! I always leave you with my heart filled with joy,love,hope & faith. Knowing I will be with my precious son again some day. 💖💖💖💖

Congratulations and thank you for these lovely words, I’m keeping names anonymous for obvious reasons 😍

Deborah, thank you for the reading you gave me back in March, my life changed from that point and now i accept that there is a spirit world and that they will always be about, and i do always talk to them, i have also been to the library and have read Kelvin Cruickshank’s book which was a lovely read. I live too far away to visit you again but know this you helped me through a very bad time in my life and for that i thank you. Cheryl

What can I say wow!! She was on fire I walked in and she was amazing, Deborah your wonderful, I haven’t had a reading done with Deborah for almost 4 years, I’m so glad I contacted her it made my day 😀 thanks again Deborah xxx

Thank you Deb! Such an uplifting experience and beautiful connections! Such a fab night, loved it X Kerry

Love you Deb! You are an amazing, beautiful lady & if I could afford it, I’d be having readings with you every couple of months. Xx☺💖 Kim

Hi deb, Every thing you have mentioned i have experianced. Each time i go to the cemetary to visit my mum my car radio comes on with out pressing the on button the songs are all the ones my mum and i liked their sad and have me in tears. On the way home the same the radio comes on. Last year i was in my back yard looking at the sky when i seen an unusual greyish white feather floating down, i seen where it landed i went to get it and it was gone for no reason i thought of mum and burst into tears. I feel her presence in my house and smell her perfume when i go in my back yard there is always a butterfly❤

Had the most overwhelming yet comforting experience this morning. I feel relieved. Thank you for the connection you made with dad. X Natayla

Ive had a few readings but something specific that u said in the last reading has just been confirmed recently!!! When I had the reading I told my family what u had said and now they are in complete shock how accurate u were!!!! Amy

Thanks for an amazing night at the Sale group. 18 mths ago i had a private reading with you and you asked me if i lived on a property with lots of different animals and that it looked something like an animal rescue thing. Well i didnt back then but not long after that my lease ended and i ended up renting a property that had a peacock with it. We came with a cat, dog, rabbit and 3 birds but now 9 mths later we also have 3 horses and a lamb. Tonight you said i have been looking at doing a course which is also 100% and that i will definitely be doing one which i am hoping to validate as well. Thank you. Shelley

Hi Deborah, I just wanted to let you know.. I saw you on Wed 21st June, you had my brother there in spirit & you asked me who was pregnant/who was trying, you also said there were twins waiting for me with my brother. I found out two days later that I am actually pregnant 😁 I’m 6 weeks tomorrow & have my first scan next Saturday.. I can’t wait to find out if there’s 2!!! 😁😘xx

Hi Deborah. This is Tim’s partner Jane here. I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your gift. Tim has been really struggling especially since the passing of his brother and because of you he now has some closure and peace of mind and even sleeps better at night. I can see a huge difference his mind is no longer racing a hundred miles an hour about any guilt or doubts he was having. I know he really needed this but the timing had to be right. It was so nice to receive that confirmation and love from the spirit world. Thank you so much I will def organise to come and see you myself in the near future. We are so privileged to have such special people like yourself on this earth. Bless you. Happy for you to use this as feedback on your website. Jane😊

I always set a place at the table,for my beautiful son Jesse Canny & my dad at Christmas time. I hope you have a lovely Chrissy Deb & all the very best for the new year. You deserve it for sharing your amazing gift and making so many people happy. I don’t think I could’ve got through losing my son if it wasn’t for you. Will definitely be seeing you next year. Xxx💕💕💕

Thank you so much for my reading, it moved me beyond words. I was truly blown away with your accuracy and my heart feels some comfort knowing my girl is with us. I feel very emotional but very content, as it feels like I spent an hour talking to Cheydan. I will be back, thanks to Lisa for my birthday gift, just what I needed 💛🌟 Carol

Thank you it was beautiful ❤️ Sarah

Like the first time I saw you Deb when you said my son Jesse was with you when you were driving to Heyfield & was waiting for me during the reading before me.😊. Tracey

Deborah this was my family…the entire group except 2 were all family of some kind which you did not know. Luke the male skeptic was amazed. It was such a beautiful afternoon with some many messages coming through. My message come from my father-in-law of my ex husband…seriously who would have thought. You said he drove you crazy all day and whilst It was such an amazing experience and we truly thank-you for it. Janet

I always love my readings with you Deb. Every time I see you, my beautiful son Jesse is there waiting for me with so much to say. 💕💕 But even though I can’t wait for our next one on one, I am seriously thinking of attending a group reading. Next time you’re having one in Sale, I will try to book in before all spots are taken. Xx Kim

Hi Deborah, just another short message to let you know you were correct about the gender of the baby! You said boy and it is confirmed a boy 🙏 thank you for always being right and helping us connect with our loved ones 💕❤️️ anonymous

I felt so blessed when 2 of my childhood dogs came through. It’s a special bond. Kristy

Love the way you connect with our love ones xx Rita

I would really like to say thank you for my reading a couple of weeks ago! It was truly great.
You spoke to me about family members I didn’t even think would come through. A true gift you have.
Thanks again! Gabrielle

“Deborah inspired me to become involved in spirituality. As a teacher Deborah was inspirational and dedicated. As a medium Deborah has helped me emotionally and I have received many insightful readings”Lyn

My mum on my birthday, the best gift ever. Carly

Hi Deborah, I just wanted to say thank you again for the messages you delivered tonight from my Dad and Sister (in law/30yrs of friendship). I was with both at the time of their passing, holding their hand but was not able to communicate with either of them before they passed over. Tonight’s experience has bought me some comfort knowing that they are close to me ❤ xx

Deborah my reading with u was one of the best ive had, ive now moved to brisbane and would like a Skype reading. Carly

Thank you Karen 😀xx

Amazing I got so much out of that, thank you Sharon

Thank you for your beautiful feedback Carol 💖Deborah x

Loved how my mum is still smoking Jordana

Thank you so very much. Very healing and gained some closure. Was blown away by my dogs coming through, wasn’t expecting it at all. Hope you come back again

It sure is beautiful & special my sister had the opportunity to experience this & as bec said it helps bring a bit of closure & knowing they are ok & very much still around 💙 bec

Hello Deborah,
I am the big sceptic in that room, that afternoon. Our little staffy ‘Pippa’ actually came through months before that when my sister sat in a group reading. Jodie had called me that night and had told me Pippa had come through. I was told what was said on that day but I did not really believe it. I’m still filled with guilt over that horrible morning and we gave her the best little tree and garden after we layed her to rest.
A big sceptic now, not at all. I thank you for making me deal with it a little lighter than before. Luke

Have you ever wanted a reading with a trusted psychic medium? Here is your chance. Matthew and I have connected with Ben 3 different times via Deborah. She is in Australia, though Skype readings are easy and just as powerful as in person. Send her a message. You can experience the magic of connecting with the “other side.” Lisa

Thank you to Jen for sharing your experience …..

I was given Deborah’s name from a friend at work who recommended her very highly. When I met Deborah she was very friendly & made me feel at ease straight away, sitting down she started talking about my loved ones that had passed with great accuracy. I could not believe what I was hearing, she told me about my brother down to a tee. Nobody outside the family knew what happened to him but Deborah was spot on with everything she said. After a lot of tears and a few laughs I walked out of there feeling at peace, something I hadn’t felt for a long time. I have been back to see her a couple of times and have had many family and friends go and see Deborah as well. All coming back with the same feeling I had after my session. Thank you Deborah for everything you’ve done for me and all my family. Jen

I’ve seen Deborah twice now to find closure and reconnect with those who I miss everyday. Both times I felt her feeling on top of the whole knowing these people are still with me and very much the same as I remember them. I have recommended you to so many people as every experience has just filled every expectation. Thankyou for giving me the best experience and giving me the closure I have needed 😊 Thankyou. Geordee

I’ve seen you many years ago now Deborah & each time you were absolutely amazing you have given me hope & also helped me with grief you have shown me in more than many ways that our loved ones are with us….you are fantastic and its been way to long since my last reading with you so I think ill arrange to make a date for my next one 🙂 Thank you so much <3 xox
Thank you Anita xx

Deborah thank you so much. Feeling uplifted with my reading. If anyone needs to hear from departed loved ones Deborah is the one too see ! David

Leonie and I have been seeing you for about 4 years now. You are fantastic Deb you have connected with our family members that have left us. We have a lot of family members that see you now to. You are a very good friend to our family. Kevin

I was referred to Deborah by a work colleague 6 years ago.I walked in to my reading unsure and doubtful but walked out feeling all warm and fuzzy with messages, shared memories and love from those who have passed. I have since referred family and friends over the years who have gone on to do the same within their own circles. I have also returned to Deborah every year or two. Whether it’s a one on one reading or a group reading, Deborah has always delivered and i have always walked away feeling blessed and connected with my loved ones. Thank you Deborah for providing a gateway to share love between myself and those who have passed on. Kelly

I have seen Deborah twice now, on both occasions she has connected with my loved ones that have passed on and was able to give me messages and comfort knowing that they’re with me and they are ok. Although it’s always a bitter sweat experience, I never want the messages to end. I have also referred many friends and family members as I know she is the real deal. Thank you Deborah, we are so blessed to have people like you. With love, Jodie xx

Deborah has been spot on and so accurate she even has told me what was in my bag and where i have been before I have come to see her she has given me so much closure and her gift is amazing =) i highly recommend her to anyone that wants or needs a reading she is the one to go see best medium i have ever visited and i have visited alot =) Thanks Deborah xx Bec

Deborah was suggested to me from a friend she is an amazing caring understanding sympathetic person who is able to completely hear and interpret those whom have left this world she gives comfort, knowledge and confirmation. Every visit I have with her I truly cherish. It is time I get to spend with the ones I’ve lost its proof that they are still with me that they are still a part of my life. Deborah has truly been a guiding, therapeutic and supportive person to me with love Kirsty xxx

I was referred to Deborah about 6 years ago by a friend and I must admit I was a little hesitant at first but after my first reading I had no doubt in my mind she had a special and unique gift in being able to communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over. She has a warm and compassionate persona that makes you immediately feel at ease and through spirit, she provides the most wonderful messages of acknowledgement/validation, support and guidance. Deborah has completely changed my life for the better and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to meet her and now call her a friend. David

My family had recommended Deb as they had a good experience with her. I have always been a bit skeptical of the unexplained and unknown but after seeing Deb she won me over. I believe in Debs abilities, she truly is amazing. She was spot on about everything. Seeing her gave me closure and peace as I know my loved ones who have passed on are happy. Thank you for the amazing experience Deb. Rose Angela

I have known Deb for a long time and I was somewhat of a sceptic on hocus-pocus, BUT, she once told me details of a spirit who saved me from certain death by drowning! the details that she could not possibly have just dreamed up or guessed, I don’t know what she does or how she does it, but her detail was 100% spot on Brian

After a majority of my family had visited Deb, I knew I had to see her eventually. Almost a year after my father passed, I knew it was time to cash in my gift certificate, and hear what past family and friends had to say… I didn’t even get through her introduction of how her readings worked throughout the entire hour session, because apparently I have a very impatient family. Everything was spot on, even if it wasn’t quite understood at the time… things are still popping up now making me go “ohhhh!”
Worth every single second of the visit! Many tears were shed, many laughs were had, and much closure was felt. Before seeing Deb, my soul was heavy, and I was struggling with life as it was… But after my appointment, I left feeling so much lighter. Such an amazing gift. And so thankful to have had it shared with myself and my family! Thank you so much Deborah, cannot wait for another visit! Zanzil-Belle