One of my favourite things to do is host a group reading afternoon/evening. I travel to people’s homes which is organised prior and only requires a minimum number of people attending to ensure an amazing experience. I also do larger venues for sporting and other groupsincluding regular fundraisers. The energy of the people present allows an amazing connection from the spirit world. They become very excited at these events and the messages, evidence and proof of their presence is so accurate and entertaining it provides a wonderful experience for all who attend. The spirit world has a beautiful sense of humour and they know exactly what we need more than we do. I describe the messages that come through as “mini” messages as they are quite different from private readings where loved ones are more relaxed and not so determined or needing to point out who their message is for. Although they are shorter in content, the accuracy and presentation is unmistakeably brilliant. They never cease to amaze me and I hope they never do! I know this is a fantastic way of introducing those who may be a little sceptic, scared or unsure of my ability, to bring reassurance that this is really genuine as well as my connection to the other side.

I was referred to Deborah by a work colleague 6 years ago.I walked in to my reading unsure and doubtful but walked out feeling all warm and fuzzy with messages, shared memories and love from those who have passed. I have since referred family and friends over the years who have gone on to do the same within their own circles. I have also returned to Deborah every year or two. Whether it’s a one on one reading or a group reading, Deborah has always delivered and i have always walked away feeling blessed and connected with my loved ones. Thank you Deborah for providing a gateway to share love between myself and those who have passed on. …Kelly