People have such life changing experiences as a special one below 💖💞A lovely lady had a beautiful experience with special friends who passed tragically giving strong evidence of their presence including names, presentation of a pink rose & recognition of a tattoo being very proud of, in their honour, also confirmation of their passing, which was not only tragic but undetermined, brought much needed peace below her lovely words to me 💖

“Hi Deborah thank you once again for the reading it was really beautiful I appreciate it immensely..
You won’t believe what I spotted in the garden whilst having a smoke making me tear up a lil bit & I swear I never noticed it before . It’s a pink rose .Thank you once again love & light and many blessings to you 🤩😇🌞🌸” 💖💕 it’s an honour to be able to bring such important messages from the other side ❤️Deborah x