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After a majority of my family had visited Deb, I knew I had to see her eventually. Almost a year after my father passed, I knew it was time to cash in my gift certificate, and hear what past family and friends had to say..I didn’t even get through her introduction of how her readings worked throughout the entire hour session, because apparently I have a very impatient family. Everything was spot on, even if it wasn’t quite understood at the time… things are still popping up now making me go “ohhhh!”
Worth every single second of the visit!
Many tears were shed, many laughs were had, and much closure was felt.
Before seeing Deb, my soul was heavy, and I was struggling with life as it was… But after my appointment, I left feeling so much lighter.
Such an amazing gift. And so thankful to have had it shared with myself and my family!
Thank you so much Deborah, cannot wait for another visit! – Zanzil-Belle

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