After losing my husband tragically in a car accident when I was a very young new mother, I began a journey to try and discover anything I could, without knowing what it was that I was looking for. After many years of searching, visiting tarot readers, sitting in classes and reading books, I was eventually led to my first medium experience which was most definitely guided from my loved one. From that moment, I was thrown into the world of mediumship quite abruptly and there was to be no looking back, this was my path that was chosen before I got here, of that I have no doubt. I was invited into a circle to develop my skills after attending a workshop, which I was also guided to, the lady running it recognised my natural ability. This soon escalated and I was put out in front of large audiences and began doing my own private readings after the spirit world brought my long- standing career as a Personal Assistant in the Corporate World to an abrupt holt.

I am a Medium Clairvoyant Psychic which means I am the channel between the physical side and the spirit world. I am dedicated to sharing my gift with as many people as possible and proud to say that my ability to receive messages has been chosen in a very special and unique way and my passion is to bring evidence and messages from family, loved ones, friends and pets through in private readings or group situations. The most important part of this experience is to prove that they are still a very big part of our lives even though they have passed over to another place. Peace and comfort being the major outcome from having a beautiful experience through my readings, just as I was given myself many years ago. This experience changed my life and I was able to live each day with an indescribable amount of love and understanding from the other side, what I would describe also as relief that this wasn’t it, he was actually ok and watching over myself and my daughter.

I know had I received these messages many years prior to my experience it would have made an immense difference in my life. This in particular drives me to connect to as many people as possible.

This hasn’t been an easy path by any means, as you can see I needed to experience heartache to open up my curiosity and knowledge of the other side. I know now that as a child I was always receiving messages and hiding under my blankets so that I didn’t see anything or anyone that I suspected was in my room at night. I always “knew” things without questioning how. I was a very shy child and never mentioned anything to my parents who did not ever refer to anything from the spiritual side of life, so it wasn’t a natural part of my upbringing, it all seemed very foreign to me. In hindsight, any indication of my journey into this life would have horrified me!
Over the years the spirit world has taught me a whole new language, the way I receive information is varied and unique. I not only see images and impressions of loved ones, they stand in certain positions to allow me to understand the relationship or side of the family they are related to, at the same time I will be feeling ailments and conditions on my physical self which may have been present at their time of passing, images of various things will be shown for evidence, words and names will be popping in my head and my hands will be moving at lightning speed like a sign language with further information! This all comes through very fast and I will be needing to catch up to perhaps 10 things which have been shown to me consecutively and these all need to be put into a detailed story. Sounds exhausting it is but it is very rewarding to see the smile, relief, tears of joy appearing on my sitter’s face.

They will often use my knowledge of other things such as crystals and aromatherapy to suggest ways of helping you with ailments, or creating positive energy around the home or business with crystals. I have a good understanding in both these areas and believe in the powerful healing properties of essential oils and positive channelled energy from different types of crystals from the earth.

This is my main reason for connecting you with the spirit world. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, religion or understanding of the other side, it is most important that we continue to have communication from our loved ones to keep them as close as possible until we meet again.